Line Plot Activity

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The students will be connecting math to social studies in this activity about the ages of the presidents during their inauguration.

Big Idea

This lesson will tap into US History and the ages of presidents during their inauguration and describing the data in a line plot.


10 minutes

Give students some interesting facts about presidents and their ages at inauguration.  Although this is not mathematical in content, it provides an opportunity for  the students to become familiar with the context. 

 Ask students if it is possible for a president to be 40 years old at their inauguration?

(It is possible, the constitution requires the president to be at least 35 years old) (SMP 1 and 2)

How old do they think a president should be? Allow time to let students think about their responses.  This would be a good round robin share (see video)(SMP 3)

Analyzing and Creating Line Plots

60 minutes

The students will be using a chart with information about the US presidents.  They will be specifically looking at the ages of the presidents during their inauguration.  Ask the students why it is necessary to put this information into a table? (Looking for responses like: It’s easier to read, it’s more organized, can see the mean, median, mode and range, shows the distribution of data).  If students can’t come up with responses try prompting them with this question.

Are most of the presidents between 50 and 54 years old at the time of inauguration? (This will get the students to realize that there may be a better way to analyze this data then sifting through all of the numbers)

Next, ask the students if a line plot would be a good way to represent this data?  (responses should be yes, because the data is numerical and can be represented on a number line.)

Instruct students that they will be creating a line plot to represent the data.  Give them grid paper and the chart to use to assist them in their data representation.  


SMP 4 and 6


Closure + Homework

10 minutes

The students will wrap up the lesson by working on the Line Plot skills worksheet (Pearson).  This worksheet will work on analyzing line plots as addressed in 6.SP.5.  What the students don’t finish in class can be sent home for homework or used the next day for a do now.