Applications with Operations

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SWBAT create expressions using order of operations criteria and evaluate the expressions.

Big Idea

Can students show what they know? Can they not only solve expressions but create them as well?


10 minutes

We will use My Favorite No as the Problem of the Day to start the lesson. Students will solve this problem: -2(6 + 9) / 7(2-4).

I select the My Favorite No based on common errors I see. If several students are making the same mistake, I try to address that. It becomes my favorite because it provides a good learning opportunity. When working with order of operations, the most common error I see my students make is that they will only multiply in order from left to right. I'm anticipating there will be confusion as to how to handle the division. They have memorized the mnemonic but will be uncertain about the actual application.


25 minutes

Students will be put into pairs and given an Application with Operations card. Using the description on the card, each pair will write three expressions. On a separate sheet of paper, students will solve the expressions. Pairs will then trade expressions and solve the expressions from the other group. Once the expressions are solved, the authors will grade the solutions they are given. If errors are made, we will use those expressions and solutions as discussion points with the whole class. We will also use volunteered expression to model finding the solutions for the class.


3 minutes

I will use the Traffic Light strategy to close the lesson and gain some insight into what my students understand about applying order of operations. I want them to comment on their learning during the lesson.