Trig Assessment

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of trigonometric functions including graphing and transformations, modeling, and trig identities.

Big Idea

Self-assessment within a unit assessment…give your students ownership of their testing by asking them to identify three problems for review.

Set the Stage

3 minutes

You will need copies of the Trig Assessment, graph paper and notecards for this lesson.  My students already know my testing procedures so it generally only takes a minute or two to get everyone ready to go.  For this assessment I also have a notecard on each desk.  I tell my students they may choose three problems they would like a second chance at.  (MP1) The criteria are that they must attempt to complete each problem (so an answer of IDK doesn’t work) and then must write their name and the numbers of the problems they want to redo on the notecard and turn it in with their exam.  This provides students an opportunity to recognize their own limitations and to be proactive in addressing their areas of weakness.  It also addresses issues of test-anxiety and differentiation without overtly favoring certain students.  I explain this further in the video narrative in my resources.

Put it into Action

50 minutes

During the majority of this time I walk the room monitoring and observing how my students are proceeding with the exam.  I can often tell before the end of class whether or not I’ll need to reteach any concepts and which ones those are.  The nature of this assessment is such that it addresses several of the Math Practice standards; (MP1, MP2, MP4, MP5, MP6, MP7)

Wrap up

2 minutes

As students complete the assessment, I have them turn in their work, along with the notecard of three problems they would like to re-do.