Solving Percent Problems (Day 2)

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SWBAT solve percent word problems.

Big Idea

Solving percents using real world scenarios


5 minutes

I will be answering any questions students may have had from their 3-2-1 from yesterday. The students were asked to fill out 3 things that they did well, 2 things they still need help with and one thing that they just don't understand.  In day 1 of this activity, students were working on word problems that involved using percentages.  I asked them to evaluate their learning so I want to provide feedback to let them know I read what they wrote.   I will also be reminding them about the activity directions.  Students should also know that the questions for today are a little more challenging then yesterday.  Most questions have 2 parts to them.  

Solving Percent Problems

70 minutes

 7 problems approximately 10 minutes a problem

My goal for the second day is to have student complete the last seven problems. However, because these problems require a little more thinking, you may not get through all of them and that’s ok.  I would choose the problems that you would like to see them work out.   The students will work through the problem independently.(MP1)  They must decide whether the part, whole or percent is missing.(MP2)  I want them to write the number sentence with the missing part.  Then they will use a model to help them find their solution.(MP4 and 5)  They may use a tape diagram, double number line, or ratio table.  I will also give them a copy of 10 x 10 grids to use. Finally, they must explain in words the steps they took to get to the answer and why they took those steps.  It’s very important that students get the opportunity to think about their thinking.  It helps deepen their understanding of concepts.

As students finish each problem, I’m going to have them do a modified HUSUPU.  I’m going to say something like this “If this problem was easy for you and you could explain how to do it, raise your hand”.  Then I’m going to tell the people with their hands raised to assist those that did not have their hands raised.  This will allow for some peer tutoring to occur.  (SMP 3)

We will work through each problem as a whole group.  Students will begin by working independently.  After some time, I will do the HUSUPU and have students pair up based upon who gets it and who doesn't.  I'm anticipating that there will be more students that are struggling then those who get it.  If this happens, allow students to work in larger groups. If this becomes too crazy, it may be a good idea to work through the problem as a whole groupl 


10 minutes

Today the students have been working with some challenging percent problems.  So to effectively bring this lesson to a close without stressing them out, I’m going to have them fill out an “I know what I know about percents.”

It goes something like this…

I know what I know about finding percents

First, I know how to look for what piece is missing and it will either be the part, whole, or percent.

In addition, I know that I can write the number sentence _____% of ______ = ________

Finally, I know how to use the ratio table, tape diagram, or double number line to solve

Now you know what I know about finding percents.

Of course, I’m expecting these to be different because of the different levels of understanding.

These can be kept as evidence of student learning and understanding.