Pulling It All Together (Part 1)

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Students will apply the concepts in this unit to both familiar and unfamiliar mathematical problems.

Big Idea

Students pull together concepts, both new and old, in preparation for a summative assessment.

Check the Homework Answers

5 minutes

To begin today's lesson, students are asked to check their homework answers with the answers posted on the board.  I plan to address any questions students have, but I will ask the class specifically about their answer for #3 on the Error Analysis handout

Problem #3 yields two positive solutions, but only one solution is actually correct.  I often find that students have become accustomed to the idea of “rejecting the negative solution.” I will use this problem as an opportunity to discuss making sense of all solutions, regardless of whether a number is positive or negative.

Summative Review

38 minutes

This summative review lesson pulls together the concepts covered during the unit.  Some of the questions on Summative Review Handout are straight forward. Some are geared toward assessing understanding of the basic concepts.  The final three questions, however, ask students to apply what they have learned in this unit (and in previous units) to new and unfamiliar territory. 

As the students work, I circulate the room, listening and looking at student work, occasionally asking questions in order to improve my knowledge of individual student’s understanding. Since this is a review lesson and I want to build confidence, I may also offer leading questions when an entire group is struggling or appears to be stuck.  


2 minutes

As we come to the end of today's class, I will ask the students to take a moment to think about their work thus far. 

  • Were there any concepts that you struggled with?  
  • Did you come across any topics on which you feel the need to study more intensively for the test?  

I ask them to jot these thoughts down at the top of their papers, and, to refer to them as they prepare for the end of unit assessment.