Write It Wednesday NS

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SWBAT review and critique a peer's work with operations with rational numbers using appropriate mathematical language.

Big Idea

Students engage in the practice of reading and critiquing other student's reasoning to demonstrate and extend their understanding of operations with rational numbers.


10 minutes

Duration: 5-10 minutes
The Learning Objective will be on the SMARTboard when students come into the room. To start the class I will read it to them and give an example of what that might look like at the end of the period.

The Problem of the Day for this lesson will be a review/discussion of the traffic light stops from the previous day’s lesson. If there were one or two significant sticky notes on the red light we will review those concerns as a whole class. If not, we will highlight the areas students identified on the green light. We can also answer questions from the yellow light.


25 minutes

Duration: 20 minutes
To explore the concept of multiplying and dividing rational numbers students will answer the following question using the WriteItWednesday (WIW) strategy.  After the writing, students will trade papers and use the rubric to score the answer. After scoring, students will return papers to the author to make corrections to their original answer.


Problem: Walt received an 85% on his last math test. If there were 40 questions on the test, how many did he answer correctly? Explain in words the steps you used to solve the problem and show your work.


5 minutes

Duration: 5 minutes
As a closing activity I will give students another extended response item as a formative assessment. The goal is for students to not only demonstrate their understanding of the content but to use MP 3 to analyze situations and justify conclusions. I would prefer that students use the WIW format to answer the question. If they don't, that gives me the opportunity to see how they do format their answers-are they incorporating any of the answering techniques as a habit? If not, we can discuss how to maximize the techniques when responding.

Exit Ticket

"If Walt answered one more question correctly would he have scored 90%? Explain your answer and show your work."