Productive Struggle - A Pre-Spring Break Challenge of Exponential Functions

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Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate new knowledge through a group presentation at the end of class. They will use appropriate mathematical vocabulary to communicate their findings to the class.

Big Idea

This lesson (taking place on the day before spring break) is designed to keep the students engaged – rather than mentally hitting the beach early!

Opening Events

5 minutes

Lesson Middle

20 minutes

Wrapping Up

20 minutes

It is a sincere joy seeing the students present their findings to the class!  Although the presentations are relatively informal, it is a great and productive way to harness the students spring-break energy into mathematical productivity and problem solving.  In fact, I can’t think of a better way to head into spring break!  I certainly do not do this all of the time, but any student who was an active participant and group member during the day’s investigation earned points for the activity.