An "Exponentially" Rewarding Battle!

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The last several lessons have thrown a lot of conceptual-level exponential properties and functions at the students. This lesson, however, will strive to give the students a more focused opportunity to review the mathematical properties and strategies that we have covered in the unit so far. The day also concludes with a short checkpoint quiz, which assesses student growth and current areas of weakness.

Big Idea

This lesson serves as a “Battleship” review of real number exponents (both irrational and rational) as well as solving exponential equations. Students engage in battle while trying to sink a partner’s fleet of answers!

This Means War!

4 minutes

The Battle!

31 minutes

Keeping the Peace - Quiz!

10 minutes

Although the class thus far has been full of collaboration and competitiveness, it is important to assess student progress and growth.  For this reason, I end the class period with a very brief quiz.   It verifies to me that we are ready to move deeper into our study of exponentials!

Resources:  Exit Quiz

NOTE:  I have also included blank Battleship templates so that you can create your own if you do not wish to use mine.  Enjoy!