Jeopardy: Basic Functions

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SWBAT review domain and range, evaluating functions, shifting functions, basic function operations, composition of functions, and finding inverses.

Big Idea

Fun (and basic function review) is what this lesson is all about. Students need to bring their thinking caps to win this game of jeopardy!

Getting Ready...

3 minutes

Environment: This game is intended to be played in teams. The number of students per team does not really matter, we just don’t want too many students in a team because it does decrease time-on-task. So, I really like teams of 2-3. For a review Jeopardy, I tend to allow my students to choose their teams. At this point in the unit, since the goal is to review, I think it is ok to have students seated in mixed ability teams or in heterogeneous teams. I always find that my students split themselves up into fair teams. It’s funny… but they are always sure to split up the stronger math kids and won’t let them all be on the same team.  If you want to assign teams, one quick way to assign teams is to get a deck of cards and randomly give kids a card as they come through the door. Then have students sit with their same number. This of course will get you 13 teams of 4 (well, I hope you don’t have that many students inone class!!!) if you don’t prep your deck ahead of time. So I like to just remove all the face cards.  Then I get 10 teams of about 4.

Preparation: Each student will need a whiteboard and marker to complete their work. In this game there are a few problems that require graphing, so you will want to have graph paper available too or whiteboards with coordinate grids on them.

Differentiation: I don’t provide any individual differentiation in this lesson.  If I am going to provide any scaffolding on a problem, it would be to the whole class just to keep the game fair. I start the game with requiring students to clear their desks and not use any notes for this, but sometimes I do allow for notes if I think a majority of the class still needs more practice/review on that topic.

Jeopardy Review

47 minutes