Using Rates Stations

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SWBAT solve problems involving rates and unit rates.

Big Idea

Student centered activities based on rates and unit rates!


15 minutes

To see this part of the lesson unfold, watch: Classroom Video: Trust and Respect

The students are going to complete the following problem:

In this week’s ad, Tony’s Finer foods advertises bananas on sale for 5lbs for $4.45.  Jewel has them on sale for $.95/pound.  Which store has the better deal?

This problem will reactivate prior knowledge.  The students will be required to use a model to support their answer (SMP 4).  If students finish early, they can explain their solution in words.

This can also be used as a formative assessment. 


60 minutes

To see this part of the lesson unfold, watch: Classroom Video: Intervention and Extension

and Classroom Video: Checks for Understanding

The students will be working in Stations to support their learning.

Independent:  The students will be working on a problem from illustrative math.  I have 3 problems they can choose from.  They only need to choose 1. They can choose any problem that they feel comfortable answering.   I chose these problems because the students will really need to apply their understanding of ratios to solve.  This will be a stretch.  If possible, an extra set of eyes at this station would be helpful.  If that is not an option, then have a pre-made list of questions to spark understanding.

For example, What information is given in the problem? (SMP 1) What is the relationship of the quantities? (SMP 2) Would it help to create diagram or table? (SMP 4)

When the students are answering their question, I want them to explain their solution.  They need to tell me what they did and why they did it.  I will be collecting this as evidence of student learning.

Resources: Mixing Concrete, Mangos for Sale, Fruit Salad

Teacher:  The students will be working on unit rate and better deal problems.  They will be showing me the work on a white board.  All students will do the same problem at the same time.  They will check with a partner and explain their strategy before showing me. During this time, I will be able to see where some misunderstandings are still occurring.  I can address those immediately during this station. I will be watching to see that students put money on top in the ratio.  When setting up unit rates, we typically find the cost per unit.  All of the questions ask the students to find the per unit rate.  Students may struggle with the larger quantities.  Remind students that they can use a ratio table to simplify the problem using smaller steps. 

Computer: The students will be working on unit rate word problems from the IXL website.  They will need a white board and marker to do the math at this station.  They have worked on this website previously, but it doesn’t hurt them to continue to practice.

 Students can use their notes as a resource to help with any struggles they may encounter.  



10 minutes

I’m going to have students write down anything they are still having difficulty with when it comes to rates and unit rates.  The paper will read:  Good (what am I a rock star with), the Bad (what do I need a little bit of help with), the Ugly (I just have no clue what I’m doing).  Allow time for the students to write this down on a piece of paper.  Collect at the end of class. 

I will be reviewing for their assessment and this will help me to focus questioning.