Fun with Functions: Basic Inverse and Function Operations

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SWBAT combine functions using a variety of operations, including compositions and inverses, and will review inverse functions and function notation.

Big Idea

Students learn different function operations with a colorful teacher-led presentation that engages students with tons of practice.


3 minutes

As a warm-up today, I am going to have students complete the two clicker questions at the start of the flipchart. These will require students to demonstrate their current understandings of piecewise functions.

Exploration: Inverses

15 minutes

Explanation: Basic Function Operations

25 minutes


7 minutes

To wrap-up today’s learning, have student individually answer the 5 clicker questions on the last few pages of the flipchart. It is important that students answer these questions without the help of their teammates so we can identify who understands the material and who may need some extra help. These question do require students to extend the learning a bit from today and to piece their new knowledge with prior knowledge. For example the question on page 12 of the flipchart require students to apply their past learnings of shifting of graphs.

During these last few minutes, I also plan on reminding students about our mathematical practice of the day, Mathematical Practice 8: look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning, while they work on these problems. Hopefully students are able to apply the concepts of inverses and are able to go backward to answer the question on page 15. Once all students have submitted their answers to this question, I want to talk with students about the regularity we see with inverses. They undo one another. The inverse of a function is the inverse of its own inverse. Being able to see this pattern and make this generalization is one example of how this mathematical practice can help train us to be better mathematicians.  Being able to identify a pattern or a repeated conclusion and make a generalization about it really helps to make math easier.


Assign worksheet 4 for homework.