Rocking Rotations

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SWBAT identify and draw rotations of polygons on the coordinate plane.

Big Idea

Students will use a hands-on approach to discovering how polygons are rotated in clockwise and counterclockwise rotations.

Lesson Beginning

15 minutes

Do Now:  In this Do Now, students will ask students to first try and identify a rotation using a Yankee symbol.  Teachers who do not live in New York may want to change this to another sports symbol.  The second question will also ask students to review reflecting about the x and y-axis.  This is a great time for teachers to review key vocabulary from previous lesson like pre-image, image and transformation.

Teachers can also review the agenda and objective for this lesson.

Introduction to New Vocabulary:

Before starting the middle of the lesson, teachers can review key vocabulary for this lesson, counterclockwise and clockwise as well as a movement (or rotation) of 90 degrees.  The graphics of the cats will help to review this topic with students.  

Lesson End + Homework

25 minutes


After completing in class examples, students should be encouraged to work in pairs or small groups on practice questions and a worksheet with examples, which can be found in student notes.   Teachers can circulate and answer student questions.  After giving students 15-20 minutes to work on this assignment, teachers can ask students to put their work on the board and then review these questions with the entire class.  This is a great opportunity for teachers to reinforce vocabulary and also ask students some important summary questions like,

  • How are rotations different from reflections?
  • How do rotations change a pre-image? 
  • What transformations have we covered so far?  Which have been the most challenging for you?  Why?
  • What is the definition of transformation?


Exit Ticket:

The Exit Ticket for this lesson reviews how to complete a rotation for CCW 90 and CCW 180.  Please find the enclosed resources.