Dilation and Similarity Unit Test

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Students will complete the formative assessment for the unit.

Big Idea

Students will show what they know!

Lesson Opener and Goal Setting

5 minutes

Present the warm-up problem (5 minutes).  The warm-up problem for this lesson (found in the slide show) asks students to find the equation for two variables from an x-y table.  The relationship is direct variation.  This activity follows the Team Warm-up routine, which is desribed in my Strategy Folder.

 While students complete the warm-up problem, I take attendance and circulate around the classroom noting who does not have their homework or their materials.  

Review the agenda for the lesson.   Display the agenda and learning goals for the lesson.  Ask students to read them over and invite questions.  

Administer the Unit Test

45 minutes

Administer the Unit 6 test (45 minutes).  Before class, print the test. There are two versions. Distribute different versions of Part I to alternate rows.  

Lesson Close

5 minutes
Assign Homework (0  minute).   No homework was assigned.