Solving Percent Problems (Day 1)

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SWBAT solve percent word problems.

Big Idea

Solving percent problems using real world scenarios.


15 minutes

The students will be working on an illustrative math problem where they will be finding the missing whole using a double number line.  Students can work through the problems independently at first.   Then, have them do a HUSUPU to find a partner to discuss and compare their solutions.

Solving Percent Problems

60 minutes

6 problems approximately 10 minutes a problem

My goal for this first day is to have student complete the first 6 problems.  The students will work through the problem independently.(MP1)  They must decide whether the part, whole or percent is missing.(MP2)  I want them to write the number sentence with the missing part.(MP4)  Then they will use a model to help them find their solution.  They may use a tape diagram, double number line, or ratio table.(MP 5)  I will also give them a copy of 10 x 10 grids to use. Finally, they must explain in words the steps they took to get to the answer and why they took those steps.  It’s very important that students get the opportunity to think about their thinking.  It helps deepen their understanding of concepts.

As students finish each problem, I’m going to have them do a modified HUSUPU.  I’m going to say something like this “If this problem was easy for you and you could explain how to do it, raise your hand”.  Then I’m going to tell the people with their hands raised to assist those that did not have their hands raised.  This will allow for some peer tutoring to occur.  I’m going to do this for each problem over the next 2 days. 

We will complete each problem as a group which means everyone is working on the problem at the same time. This way, the HUSUPU will be an effective tool to use to promote peer tutoring. (SMP 3)


10 minutes

I want the students to think about how well they did with the problems today.  I’m going to ask them to write a 3-2-1:  3 things I did well today, 2 things I needed a little help with, and 1 thing I have no idea how to do.  I’m going to collect this so I know who to focus on tomorrow when we continue with more challenging problems.