Unit 4 Problem Solving Exam

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SWBAT demonstrate their knowledge of periodic functions.

Big Idea

This was a quick, introductory unit - this exam gives students a chance to show what they know, but it's also a chance for them to solidify their knowledge as the semester ends.

Unit 4 Exam

75 minutes

Students have the whole period to complete the Unit 4 Exam.  They may use their cheat sheets, a calculator, and a ruler.

For the modeling section (Task 3), students need to know how many days there are in each month.  If I see that this is a problem, I'll write this information on the board.

With 10 minutes left in class, I tell students to stop what they're working on and to complete the self-assessment with as much detail as possible.  When I assess this exam, I am as interested in understanding how well students understand the learning targets, as I am in what work they were able to complete.