Ratio Review for 6.RP.1, 6.RP.3a, 6.RP.3d

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SWBAT demonstrate an understanding of ratios and ratio vocabulary SWBAT use strategies to solve mathematical and real life ratio problems.

Big Idea

The students will be able to show what they know about ratios and how to use multiple representations strategically.


15 minutes

The students will be completing the ratio flow chart. The chart is partially completed and the students will need to fill in the blanks with examples.  This is a good formative assessment.  The students should be encouraged to use their notes.  Have the students complete this activity independently at first and then they can partner up to share answers with a partner. (SMP 3)

Numbered Heads Together

60 minutes

Students will be working in groups to solve various ratio problems to help them review for their assessment tomorrow. I will be using their tablemates as a group because they are seated by mixed ability. Each problem chosen will address concepts learned throughout the first part of  the unit:  introduction to ratios, writing ratios, and using multiple representations to solve ratios. These problems will also help them review for their assessment tomorrow.   There are 8 problems for Numbered Heads Together.  As students work on these problems, it will be a good idea to walk around a watch for any common issues.  Address the issues when the solution to the problem is given before moving on to the next problem (SMP 1,2,3,4,7)  


I'm going to do a whole class disucssion on the  problems that require them to make a ratio table, double number line, and tape diagram.  Since these are a focus in CCSS, it is important that they are using them the correct way. 


10 minutes

Give students the study guide for tomorrow’s assessment.  Have them look through the problems and discuss any concerns.  Tell students to use their notes to help them find a solution.  If time permits, the students can begin working on problems in class.  If there is a problem that they think they will struggle with, I tell them to do that one first.  It's always good to try something that you feel is difficult when there are many resources around to help you!