Write slope-intercept equations given two points

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SWBAT determine the slope-intercept equation from a point and the slope.

Big Idea

Now, you only know two points. Can you figure out the entire slope-intercept form of the line that passes through these two points?


10 minutes

Each day, students complete a warm-up that usually consists of spiraling the previous day's material, in addition to older material.  Warm-up problems also sometimes extend lessons that students have encountered before to more unfamiliar contexts.

For a video narrative about how I structure each lesson, and how the warm-up fits in, click Warm UP.

I decided to spiral things from the unit on functions (Unit 3) because I felt that kids had not seen it in a while, and it would be helpful to review.  And when I spiral, I like to do similar things at least two days in a row, so that kids can better internalize concepts.

Play of the Day

40 minutes


10 minutes


15 minutes

The homework file is a resource that generally includes 5-7 problems, some of which are related to the day's lesson, as well as spiraled review of previous lessons.  I also give the kids the answers to all the problems. 

Sometimes, the HW file is a take-home assessment.