100 Students Project: Conducting the Survey

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SWBAT: • List the procedures about how the survey should be given. • Complete the survey. • Conduct the survey with another class. • Collect and return the survey.

Big Idea

What are the procedures for administering the survey? Why is this important? Students conduct survey with other classes.

Do Now

10 minutes

See the Do Now video in my strategy folder to see my beginning of class routines.  Often, I create do nows that have problems that connect to the task that students will be working on that day.  Today for the do now I want students reviewing what they learned about biased questions and how to revise them.  I want students to understand that a biased question will lead to unreliable data. 

I ask students to raise their hand and share one of their questions (the biased or unbiased one) without telling the class which one they are sharing.  Students must listen to the question and share whether they think the question is biased or unbiased and why.  Students are engaging in MP3: Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.  If students struggle, I give them a few examples to start.  Some students may think they have shared an unbiased question and the class may identify there is still something biased remaining in the question.  

Survey Procedures

10 minutes


  • Before this lesson I print copies of the survey and organize them in folders for each class.
  • Also, I type up the procedures that students came up with in the previous lesson (Revising Questions & Planning the Survey).  I have to consolidate them among the classes, so that every class is following the same procedures.
  • I also set up times with other teachers for students to administer the survey. 

I show students the typed up list of procedures for administering the survey.  I tell students to copy them down on their paper.  I ask students what questions they have and we spend a few minutes trouble-shooting.  Then I ask students how they are going to present these procedures to students when they are in front of the class. 

I ask students who would like to administer the survey to another class.   I have those students put their name on a piece of paper and into a bag.  I draw names and I send 3 students to a class.  I explain their materials and which classroom they will be visiting.  They will get their materials after the class finishes the survey.

Taking Their Own Survey

10 minutes

I call on a student who I think may need extra practice before presenting the survey to another class.  This student comes to the front and presents the survey and the procedures to the class.  If he/she makes mistakes we talk about them and the student practices that part over again in front of the students.  I want the students who are visiting other classrooms to have a clear understanding of what they need to do and how to do it.

Students take the survey independently.  When they are finished they put it face down on the desk.  When all students are finished we talk about how we should collect the survey so that students feel that their survey is anonymous.  Should we look at the survey after we pick them up?  Should we have students walk to the front and put it face down in a pile?  What is the best method?

Conducting the Survey

25 minutes

Students who are visiting other classrooms collect their materials and head to the classrooms.  Students who are not administering the survey can choose a partner/group and play card games.   I walk around as students play to monitor student progress and behavior.


5 minutes

See the video 100 Students Concept Map.  Also I will spend the last few minutes giving students the opportunity to record their questions on post-its and put them on the 100 Students Project Parking Lot Poster.