Graphing Polynomial Transformations

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Students will be able to identify the transformations applied to a polynomial function and describe the affect of these transformations on the graph of the function.

Big Idea

Students are motivated to explore polynomial function transformations using designs and computer-based graphs.


30 minutes

The Match-Ups were designed specifically to show each of the possible transformations in isolation. I encourage students to predict, but then to check their predictions by plugging in a few points. Even if they get all of the match-ups right, I still ask them to plug in a few points just to check. The questions after each set of match-ups help students write general statements about the relationship between changes in the equation and the transformations in the graph. It is important that students use the graphs to answer these questions.


The beginning of this lesson is the Match-Ups, which some students will complete very quickly. Students can move on to the next part of the lesson at their own pace. 

Investigation and New Learning

30 minutes


10 minutes
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