Graphing y=a/(x-b)+c

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SWBAT choose inputs to graph functions in the form y=a/(x-b)+c and identify the asymptotes of these functions using their data tables. Students will be able to write approach statements to describe the behavior of these functions near their asymptotes.

Big Idea

Students develop the tools to graph rational functions by choosing inputs that reveal the behavior of vertical and horizontal asymptotes. Students describe this behavior using approach statements.


30 minutes

Investigation and New Learning

30 minutes


10 minutes

I use these 4 closing questions (Exit Ticket 5) differently depending on how the lesson has proceeded. Typically, I distribute the questions on a half-sheet of paper. I give students 5 minutes or so to discuss the questions with their partner or group and to attempt to answer them. Then, I facilitate a brief whole-class discussion, during with I make sure that somebody (me or a student) clearly articulates the key ideas (Exit Ticket Sample Responses).

At this time, I usually project the questions and write the key ideas on the projected copy during the discussion. I then give students a few more minutes to write their best answers to the questions. I read student responses as they leave the classroom and they can either keep their answers or give them to me.