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Four Elements of Student-Centered Teaching and Learning

The key elements for academic achievement and building skills like resilience, independence, creativity, and collaboration.

The Essential Elements

BetterLesson guides teachers, instructional coaches, and leaders through their professional development journey by breaking down each element into specific focus areas. These focus areas can be studied through  Workshops1:1 CoachingLearning Walks, and BL Connect to help you take ownership of your learning and drive ongoing change in practice.

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Instructional Leadership

As a principal, administrator, coach, or teacher leader, your work is crucial for teacher growth and student achievement. Whether you are starting a new initiative or looking to scale best practices, we help you approach your work with a focus on student learning.

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Inclusive and Responsive Practices

An inclusive and responsive practice is a student-centered approach that encourages a sense of belonging. We work with teachers and leaders to adapt to students’ needs, build social-emotional skills, and create a culture where all students can succeed.

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Flexible Instructional Models

With effective technology use and instructional models, all students can learn, collaborate, and solve meaningful problems. We work with teachers to transform the student learning experience to make it data-driven, personalized, and continuously relevant.

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Curriculum and Academic Content

When teachers use effective learning tools and rigorous, student-centered curriculum, they can transform classrooms into engaging, productive, and joyful learning spaces. 

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“I have seen tremendous change in my teachers who worked with BetterLesson. We've experienced student growth in every grade level.”

“I have become so much more confident in taking pedagogical risks. I was intimidated by many strategies when I began and blew them off because I didn't think trying new things would be valuable. By being open-minded, my classroom is a much better learning space and my students seem more confident in themselves.”

“This professional development can set the foundation for improving teacher practice in a focused, positive, and structured way.”

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