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Classroom Video: Think Pair Share

Reptiles, Time For A New Outfit

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Vertebrate Classification
Big Idea: Scientist develop models in order to explain phenomena
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Respect and Responsibility

The activity has them leaving the classroom and requires the students to work independently from the teacher. In order to make this a positive experience it is important to lay down clear expectations. In the first few days of school we cover respect and responsibility as being expectations. I remind my class that the expectations I have for them is that they can have fun while learning. Respect is following directions, being polite, and in this case being mindful of others in the building who are working. For example, they will visit a part of the school where others might be, they need to not distract and be good observers. I ask them how they can demonstrate responsibility and I add to their ideas on how it pertains to this lesson. After each expectation is given I always give the opposite example of what is NOT expected. It helps make the message more clear and gives them a model of what not to do.  

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Follow the Leader: Following Directions

4th Grade Science » Unit: Opening Science
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Classroom Video: Think Aloud

Investigating Worms Part 2

3rd Grade Science » Unit: Animal Structures
Big Idea: How can you conduct an experiment to answer your questions about worms?
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Writing Function Rules Warm Up.pdf

Writing Function Rules

8th Grade Math » Unit: The Fabulous World of Functions
Big Idea: Building on "What's My Rule", today's lesson gives context to the numbers and applies them to real life situations.
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What's With That Crazy Nye Guy? Weathering One More Time! Day 1

4th Grade Science » Unit: Weathering
Big Idea: Students grappling with understanding effects of weathering on the Earth's surface benefit from this video as they jigsaw their new information to prepare for a group presentation.
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Introduction to Functions

Big Idea: What is a function? Inputs and outputs - how do you know if something is a function?
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Narrator and Point of View

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Unit 1: Part II- Analyzing Text
Big Idea: Students experience war through a young girl's perspective. As students read the diary entry, they analyze for point of view and perspective.
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The First Step Toward Writing Outstanding Essays: Crafting an Outline

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Great Expectations: The Final Assessment
Big Idea: Today's class will prove that robust outlines make writing an essay easy.
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Positions- Using Positional Terms

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Positions and Shapes
Big Idea: Describing the position of objects and understanding positional vocabulary is an important math skill. In this lesson, students will use their knowledge of positional vocabulary to "Clean Up" the classroom.
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A Student Driven Review for the Test on Multiplication Concepts

4th Grade Math » Unit: Concepts of Multiplication
Big Idea: Students will review prior quizzes and classwork to help create a study guide for the final test.
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