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Square-Cube Root Card Venn Diagram Mat.pdf

What's At the Root?

8th Grade Math » Unit: What's at the Root?
Big Idea: Students will build examples of square and cubic numbers to make sense of roots. They will also be able to simplify expressions that use square and cube root symbols.
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4 - 14 Reflection - interpreting the meaning of slope.MOV

Construct functions to model linear relationships I

Big Idea: Math is life! Over the course of 4 days, students construct linear functions to model real-life situations... ordering T-shirts, taking cabs, visiting carnivals, and many other contexts.
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Ways to Make 10- A Lesson on Decomposing

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Addition
Big Idea: Students will learn what it means to represent a number in different ways and will begin to explore decomposing numbers.
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RTI: Making Solving One Step Word Problems a Piece of Cake!

4th Grade Math » Unit: Multiplication Unit
Big Idea: Students learn to take apart a multiplication word problem involving one step, and use an area model or expanded model to solve so they may eventually master multiple step word problems.
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You'll like my game, because...

Revisiting Day

5th Grade Math » Unit: Numerical Expressions and Patterns
Big Idea: Its ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.
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Bell-Shaped Distributions and the Normal Model

Algebra II » Unit: Statistics: Single-Variable
Big Idea: For mound-shaped, symmetric distributions, the Normal Model is a good approximation. Applying the normal model allows us to predict population percentages and percentile values using the Empirical Rule.
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Independent Practice Problem

How Many Brownies Do I Have? : Partitioning Rectangles into Columns and Rows

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Partitioning Shapes
Big Idea: Students use their knowledge of columns and rows to equally divide squares and rectangles.
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Everyone Try It! (Equal & Opposite Change)

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Addition and Subtraction
Big Idea: Don't be afraid to teach struggling students an alternative method; sometimes it can provide a breakthrough!
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Yazmin Chavira MTP added a Lesson

Distribute and Combine

7th Grade Math » Unit: Multi-step Equations, Inequalities, and Factoring
Big Idea: Students work in pairs and use clickers to enter solutions for multi-step equations
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Kelli Ireton added a Resource

Arithmetic Series Find Someone Who KEY

Arithmetic Series

Algebra II » Unit: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences
Big Idea: Want your students to see connections between different models of arithmetic series and derive the arithmetic summation formula? You have come to the right place! Students will see the connection from various models using this lesson!
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