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Common Mistake

Multiplying Two Fractions (Day 1)

5th Grade Math » Unit: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Big Idea: Students practice multiplying fractions using models and mathematical procedures.
Yazmin Chavira MTP added a Lesson
Yazmin Chavira MTP added a Lesson

Number Line Subtraction

7th Grade Math » Unit: Operations with Rational Numbers
Big Idea: Students show what they already know about number line positions and work in pairs to explore subtraction of rational numbers on number lines
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Beth McKenna added a Video

Library Visit

Going on a Math Hunt

2nd Grade Math » Unit: What and Where is Math?
Big Idea: Most people use math in their jobs but for children this use is usually unknown. This lesson will help children see some of the ways math is used by adults in their daily life.
Rose Monroe added a Lesson
Rose Monroe added a Lesson

Two Question Problems

4th Grade Math » Unit: Problem-Solving Strategies
Big Idea: Students will discover that sometimes the answer to one question is necessary to answer a second question.
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Adding and Subtracting Decimals

6th Grade Math » Unit: The College Project - Working with Decimals
Big Idea: How do you add and subtract decimals? Students use estimates and work on strategies for adding and subtracting decimals.
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Circles Unit Assessment

Geometry » Unit: Discovering and Proving Circles Properties
Big Idea: Through a variety of assessment items, students will demonstrate their understanding of circles properties by using precise academic vocabulary, solving problems, and writing proofs.
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Extending the Pattern

Using A Pattern to Solve A Problem

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Numbers Have Patterns
Big Idea: Patterns are prevalent in all levels of math. Common Core Standards expect students to be able to use structure - like that found in repeating the patterns of odd and even numbers or counting by 5s or 10s - to solve problems (MP7).
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Making Equal Groups Part 2

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Understanding Multiplication
Big Idea: Third grade students will be using equal groups the entire school year. It is imperative that they understand how to create and manipulate them. This lesson will help them explore various ways of working with equal groups.
Carla Seeger added a Lesson
Carla Seeger added a Lesson

Converting Measurements in Different Systems Using Ratios

6th Grade Math » Unit: Rates and Ratios
Big Idea: When converting measurements within or between systems of measurement, we are using the unit rate to find the unknown quantity.
Jason Slowbe added a Lesson
Jason Slowbe added a Lesson

Calculus and My Car's Dashboard

12th Grade Math » Unit: Full Course Review via Motion
Big Idea: Did you ride in a car today? Then you witnessed calculus! This lesson introduces a mini-project applying the calculus of motion.
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