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Test Corrections

6th Grade Math » Unit: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
Big Idea: Students earn back lost points.
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Circumference and

Circumference and Area

7th Grade Math » Unit: 2-D Measurements
Big Idea: What’s the difference between circumference and area?
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Build, Draw, Add

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Addition/Subtraction
Big Idea: In this lesson, students are BUSY building, counting, drawing, and adding!
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Multiplication Storyboards

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fun with Multiplying and Dividing
Big Idea: Students can create models and word problems to deepen their understanding of multiplication.
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Dividing by 2-Digit Numbers (Day 1)

5th Grade Math » Unit: Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division, Powers of 10s
Big Idea: The Standard algorithm uses the expanded form of numbers!
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Jarod Hammel added a Video

Copy of Using Thinking Groups.MOV

Investigating Infinite Geometric Series

Algebra II » Unit: Sequences and Series
Big Idea: The last several lessons have been highly practical and focused on real world application. This lesson further emphasizes mathematical questioning associated with behavior of infinite geometric series.
Kristen O'Connor added a Reflection
Kristen O'Connor added a Reflection

Subtracting Doubles Reflection

During this lesson the students really understood how many different strategies they could use to solve the subtraction problem.  Many students are comfortable using a number line or hundred chart as their go-to resource to help them solve the addition and subtraction problems.  It is my goal to get them to use those as mental models. But it is important for them to understand that they can use other strategies, such as thinking about the related addition problem, to help them solve subtraction facts

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Subtracting Doubles

2nd Grade Math » Unit: The Action of Subtraction
Michelle Marcus added a Reflection
Michelle Marcus added a Reflection

Don't Assume!

I was really surprised to see the different strategies students used to find the "1" on the yarn number line.  I started with that, assuming that they would simply fold the yarn in half and mark the spot with a 1, just as we did with our paper fraction strips.  

However, only one group did that right away.  Some tried a "guess and check", by placing a finger where they thought the middle was, and then folding to see if both sides were the same.  Another team asked for a yard stick so they could measure and divide.  One group just eyeballed it!

I am constantly reminded why simple, yet powerful, tasks like these are necessary.  When students are truly asked to apply what they know and use teamwork to accomplish a task, I rediscover that I should never assume that I know what they know based on work on a paper.  Seeing them in action and listening to their discussion is the authentic assessment of their knowledge.

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Jump the Line

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fractions: More Than A Whole
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End of Grade Review - Statistics and Probability

7th Grade Math » Unit: Culminating Unit: End of Grade Review
Big Idea: You can’t leave 7th grade without……more prob and stats!
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Properties of Parabolas Day 1 of 2

Algebra I » Unit: Quadratics!
Big Idea: Students use technology to explore the relationship between changes in the parameter a in y = a*x^2 and the corresponding changes in the graph.
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