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Parts of a Whole: Modeling Fractions & Creating a Portfolio

5th Grade Math » Unit: Fractions
Big Idea: Fraction organization or a piece of it!
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Partitioning Squares to create rectangles

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Partitioning Shapes
Big Idea: Students take what they know about equal shapes and explore dividing squares into equal rectangles.
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Classroom Video: Connection to Prior Knowledge

Our Garden Problem

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Fractions
Big Idea: Using a debate format this lesson provides students the opportunity to solve a complex problem similar to sample item from the PARCC exam.
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Scientific Notation and calculator use

In general, I believe calculator use should be held until the student has pretty much mastered the reasoning behind conversion to and from, numbers in scientific notation.  It is very important for students to learn to use the calculator to work with scientific notation (as long as it helps and does not hinder conceptual acquisition).

In this lesson, students were quickly introduced to calculators in the New Info section. Yet, we must make good judgement as to when to allow their use and when to ask students to use pencil and paper. During this stage, I would stay away from numbers that are extremely large or small, to avoid the painful writing of so many zeros. Mistakes are so easily made in these cases. This is much harder even, for students with writing difficulties. Once beyond the mastery of the underlying concepts, and using scientific notation in application problems, calculators will help for accuracy, speed, and as an accomodation tool for students with special needs. 

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Scientific Conversions

ALGEBRA /My Betterlesson Curriculum » Unit: Powers and Exponents
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Demonstrating Concepts With a Fish Tank

Reviewing Intersections

Geometry » Unit: Dimension and Structure
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Beth McKenna added a Lesson

Colorful Building Arrays

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Getting Ready to Multiply
Big Idea: Ever think of a city street as an endless display of arrays? In this lesson students will begin to recognize how often our world is organized in arrays.
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Michelle Marcus added a Lesson

How to Create a Fraction Strip Poster: A Performance Assessment of Vocabulary

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Unit Fractions
Big Idea: Student becomes teacher in a lesson where they are asked to create a fraction training video to show, explain, and compare fractions.
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Introduction to Statistics

Algebra II » Unit: Statistics: Single-Variable
Big Idea: In our study of statistics, you will learn how to collect, interpret, and describe variability in data. Statistics is a language used frequently in the media and extensively in social and physical sciences.
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