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Complex Ratios pose a problem

Identify the Constant of Proportionality From a Graph

7th Grade Math » Unit: Proportional Relationships
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Multi-Step Equations

7th Grade Math » Unit: Multi-step Equations, Inequalities, and Factoring
Big Idea: Students discuss varied solution steps to solve multi-step equations
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Finding the Hidden Addend

1st Grade Math » Unit: Working with Numbers, Operations, and Story Problems
Big Idea: CSI First Grade! Today your young investigators will try to find the missing addend while playing two different missing addend games.
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Teacher's Model

Decomposing and Composing Mixed Fractions

4th Grade Math » Unit: Number & Operations-Fractions
Big Idea: Given a set fraction amount students will be able to decompose into a sum of fractions in more than one way.
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Earning Money on a Snow Day: Graph Points to Represent Problems

5th Grade Math » Unit: Geometry
Big Idea: Become an entrepreneur, and calculate your earnings with this coordinate plane! Become a meteorologist, and predict the weather with another one!
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The Mastermind Project, Day 4: Interpreting Data and Drawing Conclusions

12th Grade Math » Unit: Statistics: Data in One Variable
Big Idea: The Mastermind Project serves as an introduction to the first three Mathematical Practices, as students use data to construct an argument and write a paper about their experiences playing the game.
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The Critical Importance of Structure

As you work through the number introduction lessons in this unit, you will notice they are all very similar in structure.  This is purposeful. Kindergarten students thrive on structure, especially early in the school year.  Also, I consider the demand of ongoing change on young learners. When there is a structure/routine in place, the students' stamina and focus can be used appropriately in tackling the learning content, rather than the learning structure (even if they are fun and exciting changes).

I like to keep these lessons very predictable and change and alter them only slightly so they become comfortable and confident in their routines.  This lesson included a short, repetitive song for the children to sing.  The students enjoyed the song and it has become part of our classroom 'repertoire"  This was a fun add-on that did not disrupt the structure of the lesson so the students could move through it quickly and confidently.



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I Am Five! Exploring the Number Five

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Exploring Numbers 0-10
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Multiple Step Story Problems

3rd Grade Math » Unit: Place Value
Big Idea: Multi-step word problems are always tricky at first. Learning to break them down into parts and model the known information are important to the process of becoming proficient solvers.
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Journal set-up materials.jpg

Day Two

8th Grade Math » Unit: Welcome Back!
Big Idea: Setting up journals as a group ensures students begin the year organized in math class!
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What Goes Up.png

What Goes Up, Day 1 of 3

Algebra II » Unit: Modeling with Algebra
Big Idea: Projectile motion provides context for average rates of change in the context of velocity and acceleration. What goes up...
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