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Equation and Inequalities Pre Assessment

7th Grade Math » Unit: Equations and Inequalities
Big Idea: Students will show how much they know about using equations and inequalities to solve problems.
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Post Assessment Adding and Subtracting Rational Numbers

7th Grade Math » Unit: Rational Numbers
Big Idea: Now, let's assess what students gained from your awesome instruction involving adding and subtracting rational numbers
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Observation Notes

Towers, Towers, Towers 1 - 5

Kindergarten Math » Unit: Make it Count!
Big Idea: Children develop a true sense of number by working with real things. In this lesson, kindergarteners use blocks to build towers, learning what numbers 1-5 mean.
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Representing the Value of Underlined Digits.MOV

Place Value Introduction

4th Grade Math » Unit: Place Value
Big Idea: Being able to understand and explain numbers will help students make sense of multi-digit computation and problem solving.
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Expanding the Complexity

Expressions 2 Spiral Lesson

8th Grade Math » Unit: Algebra Spirals
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Wax Paper Activity (Day 1 of 2)

12th Grade Math » Unit: Conics
Big Idea: Through a poster students place wax paper designs made in previous lessons on a graph then determine the equation for the conic represented by the design.
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Identifying Tens and Ones.docx

Identifying Tens and Ones

2nd Grade Math » Unit: Numbers & Operation in Base Ten Grade 2
Big Idea: Students will be given set amount of money to add, and identify how many tens and ones.
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Centers for Reviewing Metrics!

4th Grade Math » Unit: Metric Measurement
Big Idea: In partners, students review for their tests by completing some engaging center activities related to metric measurement.
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Solving Real World Problems Involving Decimals

6th Grade Math » Unit: Number Sense
Big Idea: Decimals Involved in Problems to Solve: Problem solving with decimals
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Set the Stage Video narrative.mp4

Is It Significant

Algebra II » Unit: Statistics
Big Idea: What is mathematical significance and how do you figure it out? This lesson introduces statistical significance.
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