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Student Dynamics

I wanted students to understand Brick's motivation for being nice to Josh by using their own experiences and background knowledge. I prompted students to think about situations that have happened in our classroom and at our school by inserting this prompt:

"Before we watch the video, think about kids you know that bring stuff to school- like Takis, or material to make bracelets, or lanyards, and then all of a sudden they're "popular" and everyone wants to sit by them at lunch or play with them at recess."

 Think if you are the kid who brings stuff or if you are the kid who is suddenly friends with the person who has the "goods".

 See if this background knowledge helps you understand what is motivating Brick to be nice to Josh.

 What do you think about that...can you buy friends?  And if you can, what kind of friends are they?


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Can You Buy Friends?

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Anti Bullying Curriculum
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"SOAPSTone-ing" Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Writing Arguments
Big Idea: Lather up everyone! Students use a SOAPSTone chart to read an important American speech closely.
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Introduction to Drawing Conclusions

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Predict, Infer, and Conclude
Big Idea: In this introductory lesson your students will realize that the new concept of drawing conclusions is something they already have a lot of experience with.
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Child Friendly Reviews

During this section of the lesson, students are off on their own, finding and reading reviews of movies that they found online. You might want to consider pre-selecting a few websites that you know have kid appropriate language before setting students free to explore. A few ideas are: KidzVuzKids Pick Flicks and International Movie Database. This way you can keep your students safe and on task while they research reviews.

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Tarzan: Everyone's a Critic

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Tarzan!
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Shakespeare Language Wrap-up

Understanding Shakespearean Language through Prior Knowledge and Context Clues

8th Grade ELA » Unit: MidSummer Night's Dream
Big Idea: From then to now: Translating Shakespearean language into modern-day slang!
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Adjusting mid lesson

Dialogue Makes A Grand Appearance

10th Grade ELA » Unit: Rolling out the red carpet for writing!
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Informational Text - How Does It Help?

2nd Grade ELA » Unit: Informational Text - Use Story Elements To Help Us Comprehend
Big Idea: Bingo with informational text features!!
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Peer Editing Document

How Persuasive Are You: Writing the Persuasive Letter

4th grade ELA » Unit: Ask Ellen!! Writing a Persuasive Letter
Big Idea: Being able to plan an argument that convinces someone else displays higher order thinking skills.
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Students At Work: Cause and Effect Literacy Workstations

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Tearing Into Informational Text Part II
Big Idea: You learned about cause and effect structures, now let's get to work using them!
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Evidence and Explanation of "This is Me in Grade 9"

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Constructive Controversy -- Oral and Written Argumentation
Big Idea: Just like this shallow water search team, our students will be looking for evidence and interpreting it!
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