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Setting Up the Group!

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Unit 2: Part I- Elements of Fiction
Big Idea: Taking it to the next level! The students stretch their wings and put their analyzing skills to the test.
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Meeting Clarisse: How Direct Characterization Affects How We Read a Text

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Fahrenheit 451: The Hearth and the Salamander
Big Idea: If you describe someone as "like candlelight," what are you saying about that person?
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What Can You Make From a Little CLoud?

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: The Very Busy Author--Eric Carle
Big Idea: Students can form opinions and use them to write a story, even about a Little Cloud.
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Sounds Like the Sea to Me!

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Oceans Unit
Big Idea: In this lesson, students will be introduced to domain-specific academic vocabulary, skim text to find the words within informational text, and talk with and listen to their peers to determine the meaning of the words.
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Literature Circles: Shhh... This Conversation is Silent

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Multicultural Literature Circles
Big Idea: How do we keep a conversation going? Students partake in conversational writing to discuss important novel related questions.
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Crafting Our Speeches (Day 2 of 2)

10th Grade ELA » Unit: Argument: Persuasive Speaking and Rhetorical Anlaysis
Big Idea: It's time to dip into history and look at a speech that has maintained its importance across time.
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Let's Take a Look (Author study, Day 4 of 5)

1st Grade ELA » Unit: Writing informational/explanatory text
Big Idea: Self-editing skills are developed over time; conferencing with a teacher is a good first step.
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TCAP Test Prep

4th Grade ELA » Unit: TCAP Testing
Big Idea: Students learn ways to adequately prepare for Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment of Progress (TCAP) tests.
Kristal Doolin added a Reflection
Kristal Doolin added a Reflection

Why Cover Primary/Secondary Source Here?

It makes sense to me to cover primary and secondary sources here because primary source information is often in text boxes, photographs, charts, etc.  This links that type of information to text feature study.  Hence, covering the two here is logical to my students.  

Also, my students have be taught about primary and secondary sources in social studies.  I try to build on what they have covered and this is a good review. 

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The Value of Text Features

7th Grade ELA » Unit: Informational Text - Persevering through the Adversity of our World Part 1
Christopher Arnett added a Reflection
Christopher Arnett added a Reflection

Cross-Curricular Elements: Understanding Design

I wrote this project with the assistance of Engineering Design/Architecture teacher, and this year, a large number of my students are enrolled in various classes offered through our school's Engineering Technology/Woodshop program. As the Engineering Design/Architecture teacher stresses to these same students the importance of communicating their ideas completely, I am addressing the importance of the design process. We both hope that eventually, we are able to create a true cross-curricular seminar/project that students can get dual credit in, but that is down the road (we also co-wrote a lesson on architecture history and the novel, "The Devil in the White City"). 

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Board Game Project: Introduction and Planning

10th Grade English » Unit: Collaborative Speaking & Listening: Designing Identity in "The Catcher in the Rye" Boardgame
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