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Applying Knowledge: Writing Opener Paragraphs for Narrative Stories

5th Grade ELA » Unit: Writing Narrative Stories to Entertain Your Readers
Big Idea: Writing lets us use our creativity to share our great ideas with our readers. We can write as well as the good authors if we practice their same strategies for creating great beginnings for our stories.
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Cardenas & Columbus: An Objective Exploration?

11th Grade ELA » Unit: Early American Voices & Developing Reading Habits
Big Idea: In the information age, credibility is of dire importance. But is this a new necessity? Columbus might hope you don’t have a fact-checker!
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Shadows 1

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Shadows
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Reflection on Assessment

Shakespeare's Secret: Assessment

4th Grade ELA » Unit: Mystery Mayhem
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Narrator and Point of View

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Unit 1: Part II- Analyzing Text
Big Idea: Students experience war through a young girl's perspective. As students read the diary entry, they analyze for point of view and perspective.
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The First Step Toward Writing Outstanding Essays: Crafting an Outline

9th Grade ELA » Unit: Great Expectations: The Final Assessment
Big Idea: Today's class will prove that robust outlines make writing an essay easy.
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Word Monsters

Kindergarten ELA » Unit: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact
Big Idea: Through practice and repetition, children learn to read common sight words.
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Diving Deeper Into Asking & Answering Questions

3rd Grade ELA » Unit: Oceans Unit
Big Idea: In this lesson, students will get to delve into digital informational text to further explore finding answers for their own questions about oceans.
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Intro to Conferring

6th Grade ELA » Unit: Reader's & Writer's Workshop: The Launch
Big Idea: Why is conferring important? While students read in the classroom, the teacher meets one on one with students to talk about their independent reading.
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Temptation in the Garden: Analyzing Satan's Character

10th Grade ELA » Unit: Literary: Analysis of Thematic Connections and Artistic Choices in Paradise Lost
Big Idea: Milton's dilemma: How do you "justify" the ways of God to men AND make Satan into a hero at the same time?
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