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Anke al-Bataineh

Leadership Preparatory High Oakland, CA
I began my career in teaching as a counselor at Concordia Language Villages , where I had been an ecstatic camper. I first taught in the French village, and later helped open the Arabic village. For anyone who is a language and culture buff, these immersion experiences among the northern lakes of minnesota are paradise. I lived for some time in Amman, Jordan, where I taught at a Canadian school where the students were majority Iraqi refugees. When I returned to the US, I taught Arabic and French lessons and worked in DC on nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East and North Africa. No matter what I did, I always just wanted to be teaching. So, after moving to California and working in a Day Treatment center for expelled youth in Oakland, I chose Special Education. My strength really lies in emotional supports and behavior management, but I have developed several courses that help high schoolers gain missing skills in Math, Reading and History.
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