Unit: The Pigman - Novel Study

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Unit Description

In this Unit students will complete a novel study on The Pigman by Paul Zindel. This unit will allow students to read, listen, and respond to the work assigned. The main focus of the lessons is on reading and comprehension. After completing this unit, students will be able to: - describe literary elements in the novel (theme, plot, setting, character, point-of-view, etc. - determine various conflicts in the novel - compare and analyze similarities/differences between characters - discuss the author and his style of writing/effects of that style - draw conclusions/make predictions about characters based on readings - demonstrate an understanding of setting in relation to the mood, tone, and meaning of text.


Introduction of The Author - Paul Zindell Resources: 2

Students will be able to: • establish a connection between the author and his works • make predictions about the plot based on the author's biographical sketches • explain how the author used his literature to teach there readers a lesson

Setting and Characters Resources: 1

students will be able to: • locate (on a map) where the story took place in order to locate setting • examine pertinence of setting (place, time, customs) in relation to the mood, tone, and meaning of the text by exploring New York on a virtual field trip

Main Characters & Vocabulary Resources: 2

students will be able to: • define meaning by using context clues • list and discuss the main character of chapters 1-4 • describe and list differences in characters

Point of View Resources: 1

students will be able to: • distinguish between the characters' personalities • define first-person point of view • describe the "two person" narrator system

Character Relationships

students will be able to: • define the relationship between characters like Mr. Pignati and his pet friend, Bobo. • define symbolism and give an example from Chapters 5-6 • reflect their comprehension by creating a visual representation

Vocabulary Review Resources: 1

students will be able to: • correctly define and spell vocabulary • know and use their vocabulary words correctly in a creative story • use cooperative learning and teamwork effectively to answer questions

Conflict and Plot

students will be able to: • define and apply conflict • understand and identify five types of conflict • make a prediction about resolving the conflict

Reading To Comprehend

students will be able to: • correctly define and spell vocabulary words • understand the main idea and plot of chapters 9 and 10


Students will be able to make predictions on what will happen in the novel.

Plot Structure

students should be able to: • define climax • finish reading the novel • explain plot line/pyramid of action

Pigman Project Resources: 1

students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the text by completing a performance task which requires summary, creativity and analyzing the text.


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