Unit: Using Thank You M'am To Explore Plot, Character, Theme & Author's Purpose

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Unit Description

In this Unit Students will use the short story Thank You M'am to explore the 5 elements of plot, the traits and motivation of characters and author's purpose. Students will do a close reading of the short story, plot the story, build character profiles of the main characters, discuss the theme and complete a performance task asking students to relate the text to real world.


Close Reading and Making Predictions Resources: 2

Students will be able to analyze the short story Thank You M'am's by doing a close reading and making predictions before they read.

The Elements of Plot Resources: 2

Students will be able to recognize plot elements in short stories and analyze characters- their traits, motivations, conflicts, points of view, relationships, and changes.

Theme & Mood In Thank You M'am Resources: 2

Students will be able to describe and analyze theme and mood in a text.

Characterization of Roger & Ms. Jones Resources: 3

Students will be able to identify character traits in a text by completing a characterization chart to better understand how characters change throughout a text.

The Purpose of Thank You Ma'm Resources: 4

Students will explain how author's purpose effects the readers understanding of a short story.

Analyzing POV, Dialect and Sterotypes Resources: 3

Students will analyze a short story to better understand point of view, dialect and sterotypes.

Conflict in Thank You M'am Resources: 2

Students will be able to identify and explain different types of conflict in a text.

Thank You M'am Performance Task Resources: 3

Students will defend the actions of Roger in Thank You Ma'm by using details from the text.


Unit Resources

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