Unit: Using Thank You M'am To Explore Plot, Character, Theme & Author's Purpose

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Unit Description

In this Unit Students will use the short story Thank You M'am to explore the 5 elements of plot, the traits and motivation of characters and author's purpose. Students will do a close reading of the short story, plot the story, build character profiles of the main characters, discuss the theme and complete a performance task asking students to relate the text to real world.


Close Reading and Making Predictions Resources: 2

Students will be able to analyze the short story Thank You M'am's by doing a close reading and making predictions before they read.

The Elements of Plot Resources: 2

Students will be able to recognize plot elements in short stories and analyze characters- their traits, motivations, conflicts, points of view, relationships, and changes.

Theme & Mood In Thank You M'am Resources: 2

Students will be able to describe and analyze theme and mood in a text.

Characterization of Roger & Ms. Jones Resources: 3

Students will be able to identify character traits in a text by completing a characterization chart to better understand how characters change throughout a text.

The Purpose of Thank You Ma'm Resources: 4

Students will explain how author's purpose effects the readers understanding of a short story.

Analyzing POV, Dialect and Sterotypes Resources: 3

Students will analyze a short story to better understand point of view, dialect and sterotypes.

Conflict in Thank You M'am Resources: 2

Students will be able to identify and explain different types of conflict in a text.

Thank You M'am Performance Task Resources: 3

Students will defend the actions of Roger in Thank You Ma'm by using details from the text.


Unit Resources

No resources at this time.


Mary Ellen Edwards Posted one year ago:

WOW! Your students are so lucky! The teachers that get your students the next year are so lucky. Do these people realize what a creative, hard working, intuitive teacher you are? These lessons are marvelous! Very thorough and engaging. I am a tutor and I am going to use every one of your ideas! Sorry, I am just a person like Roger! Thank you M'am!

dawn crosby Posted one year ago:

Thank you so much!! I needed this. :)

Jeannette Nobles Posted one year ago:

Your entire unit is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing it.

Marie Pierre Louis Posted 3 years ago:

Thank You so much! Your lessons are amazing!!!I can't wait to utilize some of these ideas with my students.

Carol Blake Posted 5 years ago:

I was searching for some writing prompts/ideas to incorporate into my plans for this story; you've provided some awesome suggestions.  Thanks so much!

Ruth Douthitt Posted 5 years ago:
Wow! This is amazing. Thank you for all these lessons. This will greatly assist me in teaching Writing to my students.
Kim Vaiana Posted 5 years ago:
Thank you-I truly appreciate all the hardwork you've done! This site has helped me stop reinventing the wheel continually!
Helen Shin Posted 5 years ago:
Thank you LIndsay Joseph. This is great! I teach esl at the high school level and these materials are wonderful!
nicky buchanan Posted 6 years ago:
Really love this short story and material super. My kids really enjoy the unit.
Valerie Walker Posted 6 years ago:
I've always loved this short story. Your material is fantastic! I can't wait to utilize some of these ideas with my students!
Lindsey Joseph Posted 7 years ago:
There are 7 Language Development Do Now Exercises - one for each lesson in this unit. It's a Do Now Packet.



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