Unit: Copy of Chris Van Allsburg Author Study

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Unit Description

In this unit, students will be exposed to a variety of books written and illustrated by author, Chris Van Allsburg. These lessons are written so that they may be taught to the entire class. I have often adapted the books and activities to work in centers. Throughout the unit, it is suggested that a variety of Chris Van Allsburg's books be displayed in the classroom.


Introduction to Chris Van Allsburg Resources: 5

1. Read a brief autobiography written by Chris Van Allsburg. 2. Identify the characteristics of fantasy. 3. Learn facts about author, Chris Van Allsburg, and his books.

Two Bad Ants ~ Day One Resources: 3

1. TSWBAT listen to "Two Bad Ants". 2. TSWBAT learn about author Chris Van Allsburg. 3. TSWBAT write a short story from an ant's point of view.

Two Bad Ants ~ Day Two Resources: 3

1. TSWBAT create an online "stapleless book" for their original ant story. 2. TSWBAT illustrate their ant story. 3. TSWBAT share their ant story with classmates.

The Sweetest Fig Resources: 2

1. Read THE SWEETEST FIG by Chris Van Allsburg. 2. Complete cloze passage to demonstrate comprehension after reading.

The Polar Express Resources: 5

1. Write a retelling of THE POLAR EXPRESS. 2. Identify parts of a story that are reality and fantasy. 3. Read THE POLAR EXPRESS.

The Wretched Stone Resources: 2

1. Read THE WRETCHED STONE by Chris Van Allsburg. 2. Complete a writing prompt using story events.

Jumanji Resources: 2

1. Read JUMANJI by Chris Van Allsburg. 2. Interpret figurative language found in JUMANJI. 3. Answer mulitlple choice questions to check for comprehension.

Assessment Resources: 2

1. Demonstrate comprehension by answering multiple choice and essay questions. 2. Complete Picture Book Reports. 3. Watch a movie based on one of Chris Van Allsburg's books.


Unit Resources

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