Unit: Non-Fiction

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W1_D1 Setting a Purpose Resources: 4

SWBAT identify two different purposes of reading a non-fiction book. SWBAT understand how the reader’s purpose affects the way non-fiction books are read.

W1_D2 Activating Prior Knowledge Resources: 4

SWBAT activate prior knowledge before reading a non-fiction book. SWBAT write big ideas they know about the topic before reading a non- fiction book.

W1_D3 Title & TOC Resources: 4

SWBAT use the title and table of contents to infer main idea of a non-fiction book. SWBAT notice how the non-fiction book is organized using title and table of contents.

W2_D1 Heading Resources: 5

SWBAT use headings to infer the main idea of the section.

W2_D2 Difficult Words Resources: 5

SWBAT figure out the meaning of new vocabulary words by using the glossary and context clues.

W2_D3 Rereading for Clarity Resources: 5

SWBAT reread difficult or confusing portions of their books to clarify meaning.

W3_D1 Key Ideas in Paragraphs Resources: 1

SWBAT read the paragraphs in a section and infer the key ideas of each paragraph. SWBAT create an outline including the main idea of the book, the section, and the key ideas of the section.

W3_D2 Topic Sentences Resources: 4

SWBAT identify the key idea of each paragraph of a section by finding the topic sentence.

W3_D3 Summarizing Resources: 4

SWBAT use their outlines to write a summary of their non-fiction books.

W3_D4 Author's Message Resources: 1

SWBAT identify the purpose for reading an article. SWBAT use the title and introduction paragraph of an article to infer the author’s message.

W4_D1 Topic Sentences Resources: 3

SWBAT infer the key idea of the paragraph by identifying the topic sentence.

W4_D2 Supporting Details Resources: 9

SWBAT identify the details that support the main idea of the paragraph. SWBAT to write the supporting details in their own words.

Week 5 Inferring Resources: 1

Week 6 Resources: 2

Unit Resources

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