Unit: Unit 4 Written Response to Text Foundation

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Unit Description

This unit focuses on practicing finding multiple pieces of evidence, finding a common theme within the evidence, writing one sentence that synthesizes the info in the evidence, choosing and adding strong details with explanations and finally writing a conclusion sentence for a one part WRT.


WRT Foundation Resources: 3

Unit Resources

LP5 TA Synthesizing Details into a SAA Unit 4 G4  
LP6 TA Synthesizing Details from a passage for an SAA Unit 4 G4  
LP7 TA Revising SAA s Unit 4 G4  
OH7 TA Rewriting SAA Unit 5 G4  
LP4 TA Writing details with a reason Unit 4 G4  
WS 6 TA Synthesizing Chosen Details into an SAA Unit 4 G4  


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