Unit: Redemption, Healing, and Morality in Critical Perspective

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Unit Description

This unit asks students to critically examine ideas about moral good in people, what makes some people saints or heroes in specific belief systems, and how authors have imagined a "bad" person can be redeemed. This unit includes lesson concerning Math, Science, History, Language Arts, Art and Media Criticism. It is meant for the interdisciplinary or project-based classroom, and for independent learners. Low readers are challenged to use accessible texts to examine their own beliefs about morality, as well as to the beliefs of others based on evidence in various art forms. This unit is critical in its posture toward the objects of study and should be explicitly presented as such to students in any environment. PLEASE read the information in the first lesson, as there is harsh and mature content in several areas of this unit that should be thoroughly reviewed before presenting the unit to students.


Introduction to Stigmata and Redemption Resources: 8

Students will be able to define and use in context vocabulary words for this unit, students will understand concept of redemption and begin to express their opinions about redemption and morality.

The Science of Wounds Resources: 8

Students will understand what blood is, how it is made, and why wounds heal. Students will be exposed to scientific explanations for stigmata.

Reading and Analyzing “Stigmata” (graphic novel) Resources: 5

Students read and analyze graphic novel Stigmata, including its unsavory characters, unusual line art illustration, and complicated message about redemption.

Catholicism, Saints, Redemption as Prescribed Process Resources: 2

Students will practice researching, note-taking and mind mapping as study skills while understanding Catholic doctrine and its relationship to saints, stigmata, and the idea of redemption. This is a lesson in critical analysis, and is meant to be objective.

Infographics (Pie Charts): Religious Diversity Resources: 5

Students will understand how to interpet and create infographics, which are, for the most part, artistic innovations based on pie charts, and will discuss global religious diversity via statistics delivered in this model.

Saints & Heroes in Other Belief Systems Resources: 9

Students will work in groups to research sainthood and heroism in other belief systems, drawing both explicit and implicit conclusions.

Comparing Redemption Stories Resources: 14

Students read classic literature with related themes of morality and redemption, and write an essay comparing morality across novels and comparing to their own moral ideas.

Line Art: Self-Image and Redemption Resources: 5

Students create line art drawings of themselves displaying their self-image before and after an experience of transformation or redemption, and display in a gallery walk.

Student Performance and Assessment Resources: 2

Students are graded on their individual essays and drawings, their group research presentation, and their participation and vocabulary acquisition throughout the unit. Students receive credit in all subjects for time proportionate to duration of the project.


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