Unit: I vs. We: Individualism & Collectivism, Sell Your Worldview

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Unit Description

Students read iconic novels (in graphic form) and use these two frame these opposing worldviews. They then find analogies for these worldviews in mathematics and science. After identifying which they support more, students develop an ad campaign to convince people of their worldview's superiority.


Anthem I: Individualism Resources: 9

Students will read and understand the graphic version of Ayn Rand's novel "Anthem," placing it on the ideological spectrum and relating it to the concept of a worldview.

Anthem II: Individualism Resources: 1

Students understand the individualist philosophy of Ayn Rand and analyze it for its realistic value. Students understand the author's intent in writing the novel "Anthem."

The Jungle I: Collectivism Resources: 2

Students will read and understand "The Jungle" and compare it to Ayn Rand's individualist ideology.

The Jungle II: Collectivism Resources: 2

Students will understand conditions during the Industrial Revolution and the relation of "The Jungle" and labor unions to collectivist philosophy.

The "I" in Evolution: Biological Individuality Resources: 1

Students understand how genetic variations lead to individuality within populations.

The "We" in Evolution: Biological Collectivism Resources: 1

Students use computer simulations to understand pressures that cause the evolution of populations, and how mutations fit into evolution.

I & We: Systems of Equations Resources: 1

Students solve systems of linear equations by understanding that multiple terms can be equivalent to a given variable.

I & We: Systems of Equations Word Problems Resources: 1

Students translate words in systems of equations and solve using substitution.

I vs. We in History & Politics Resources: 8

Students understand how individualist and collectivist ideas have influence history, such as through Marx and Locke, and influence current politics, such as the Libertarian Party and the Green Party.

How to "Sell" a Worldview Resources: 1

Students use models from the corporate, political and interpersonal worlds to develop a convincing "pitch" for either individualism or collectivism.

Assessments: I vs. We Resources: 1

Students present a speech, poster, short video or sound recording (radio ad) that convinces people to adopt a worldview of either individualism or collectivism.


Unit Resources

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