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There are a variety of additional powerful tools featured on the Vocab Videos site (http://www.VocabVideos.com).


Teacher Dashboard Resources: 2

Comprehensive Teacher Dashboard The Vocab Videos system is a perfect fit for your classroom. Incorporating the system into your school will not only provide students with a fun and effective way to learn essential high school vocabulary, but will help students prepare for the SAT and ACT–tests that play an important role in where they will pursue their higher education. The Vocab Videos teacher dashboard (included with any school or classroom package) enables educators to: *Monitor students' site usage *View students’ quiz results and review what questions were answered incorrectly *Download and print quizzes to distribute to students *View specific user and aggregate data using the Students Results Grid, so you can track the performance of individual students or your entire class

Digital Quizzes Resources: 1

Simply watching a video often isn’t enough for a student to remember the meaning of a word, so our extensive practice material is a vital part of the Vocab Videos study program. Most of the materials are downloadable, allowing students to review even when they're not in front of their computer. *Quizzes - After watching the videos in an episode, students take a quiz to test their knowledge and to reinforce what they’ve seen. SAT–style questions prepare students for what they’ll encounter on standardized tests. Detailed quiz results show how students performed and what words they need to study further. Downloadable score reports are available for printing results.

Digital Flashcard Maker Resources: 1

Digital Flashcard Maker - This flashcard maker is a useful new study tool allowing students to create their own flashcards for any subject as an added form of review. It saves all flashcard data so students can sign in and review during study sessions. Students can MAKE THEIR OWN FLASHCARDS to prepare for an upcoming vocabulary quiz, a test in any academic subject, or to take important notes on a particular study unit. Flashcard maker features include: *Add an image or media file *Quiz mode—“flip” cards to review *Table view mode *Download and print

Digital Worksheets Resources: 1

Digital Worksheets - Worksheets provide space for students to write their own sentences or mnemonic devices to demonstrate a clear understanding of the word. Once you've entered your sentences, they'll be stored on your personalized study sheet; print it out for review on the go!


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