Unit: What are lotteries? Lottery Types and which one is easier to win?

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1. Instant Everything is simple here. On the ticket you need to erase one or more fields, which hide information about the win. Also on each such ticket there is a closed field with the inscription "Do not wash?" There is a protective layer under it. According to which, if won, the lottery organizer will be able to conduct an examination and establish whether it is real or is it a fake. In another form of instant lotteries, you don’t need to erase anything, but you need to tear off part of the ticket in order to deploy it and find out the size of the winnings. 4. Online Competitions This is a new type of lotteries, very famous in market from last few years. In this type of lottery, they offer you an <a href="https://prizemaker.com/">online competition to win a car</a>, luxury watches, mobile phones and cash prizes. Participation in online competitions is easy. Just go to their Website, create your account, buy your ticket and wait for online draw.


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