Unit: Kathryn Woerner - 1960s Reform Around the World

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Unit Description

9th Grade/US History: “1960s Reform Around the World” can be a stand-alone lesson, a lesson embedded in a 1960s Civil Right unit or a culmination activity of a study on reform. The idea of reform is not isolated to the American experience and can easily be made global by broadening the study beyond US borders to include people living in the same time trying to make a difference in their lives. The 1960s was a time of widespread protests and police restraints as well as shootings, executions and massacres around the world. Through selected case studies and Socratic discussions, students will investigate “1960s Reform Around the World,” recognize reform perspectives, communicate reform ideas and take action to improve conditions by participating in local, state, national or international reform movements. “1960s Reform Around the World” naturally connects to the timeline of contemporary US History and directly connects to IA Core/Common Core Standards. Students will use an acronym from the word “reform” (relationships, evolution, freedom, organization, resolution, maintenance) to examine social conflicts in US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and China . These case studies are from “1968: The Year That Rocked the World” by Mark Kurlansky. Students will use the case studies in a Socratic Seminar “to listen, make meaning, and find common ground toward shared understanding” of global reform efforts.


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