Unit: Copy of Unit 6- Long and Short Vowels

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Unit Description

- Beginning, Middle and Ending Sounds - Decoding - Blending and Segmenting - Sound Manipulation – Beginning, Medial, and Ending Sounds - Beginning and Ending Digraphs - Beginning and Ending Blends - Long vs. Short Vowels – CVCe words - Sight Words


Bossy E: Week One Resources: 1

SWBAT say and write bossy e.

Bossy E and extension Resources: 1

SWBAT master bossy e. Sight words are: please, thank, good, want, being

Double O: Long and Short Resources: 2

SWBAT understand the difference between the oo sounds and produce them orally and graphically. Sight words are: boy, girl, school, play, done

Double E Resources: 2

SWBAT create words by saying and writing the ee. Sight words: mine, people, love, dear, saw

Homophone Introduction Resources: 1

SWBAT compare and contrast sets of homophones.

Tricky Sight Words Resources: 1

SWBAT explore sight words in writing and reading.

Unit Resources

K Phonics Unit Plan 6.docx  
Spelling test template.docx  
Unit Six ELA Test.docx  
Updated Sight Word List May2013.docx  


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