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Students will be able to identify available immunizations, risks, and requirements. Students will be able to evaluate personal cultural beliefs regarding immunizations. Students will be able to evaluate other cultures and their beliefs in relation to immunizations.


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Deborah Cunningham Posted 4 years ago:

Becky, this is a great topic with built-in global connections.  Not only (as you note) is the practice of immunization influenced by culture, but it demonstrates how interdependent people are for good health, since disease knows no borders and epidemics spread wherever people move. Helping students to understand that their choices have both local and global effects is an important goal. 

Your idea of using guest speakers and examples of outbreaks to develop students’ awareness will engage them and also give them opportunities to ask questions that may be on their minds.  To show the global dimensions of immunization practices, you might use a specific global example of an epidemic that started in another country and spread.  How were babies, children, and adults affected?  How was the epidemic finally reined in? How was the international community involved? 

Another topic that might have direct applicability to your students would be the idea of immigrant immunization.  Perhaps you could locate graphs or charts showing what percentage of immigrant children have received all of the vaccinations that schools in the U.S. require when they arrive.  Specific examples of ways that other cultures regard immunizations (and how this might be changing) would also be helpful to provide.  It seems that the Kwasi Bosompem book might offer one such example; could you explain how its addresses immunization?

 The overall goals of this project seem ideal for developing global awareness; more specifics on what resources you plan to use and how you will structure the learning would be a helpful next step.

--Primary Source staff



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