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A Lesson that helps to expand the definition of culture with the help of my experience in Brazil. Applicable to Social Studies and English/Language Arts.


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Unit Resources

Lesson One - Deepening the Definition of Culture.docx  
Defining Culture.docx  
Quote Worksheets.pub  
Defining Culture.pptx  


Joshua Parker Posted 4 years ago:

Thanks for the comment, Ms. Cunningham - I didn't see the 34 attachments (unles you are talking about the Raisin in the Sun unit) - I just have the four documents listed above as a stand-alone lesson.

Deborah Cunningham Posted 4 years ago:

This project takes a great core idea and asks students to approach it from multiple angles and to think harder about what makes up culture – a great question to prompt students’ reflections. Essentially, it asks students to explore literature, primary sources, and imagery to consider this question. 

The challenge with the project is that it’s not clear how the different attachments (34 of them) – such as quotations about ambition and identity, or primary sources such as the Emancipation Proclamation – contribute to the larger question about culture.  Are these meant to be part of the project, or just resources shared for their own merits?  They seem to be stand-alone curricular resources of a different nature (though valuable in their own right). One way to link the culture project more firmly to a specific global competency would be to have them “investigate the world” by learning more about what Brazilians, for instance, value most in their own culture.  This would also provide opportunities to “recognize perspectives” and bring Brazilian (or another culture’s) voices into the curriculum. 

--Primary Source staff



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