Unit: December-January Themes

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Unit Description

Continuing music literacy focus using music that reflects themes of the months of December and January (i.e., Holidays, New Year, African American Heritage)


Unit 3-1 Kindergarten

SWBAT to take an assessment of their knowledge of tonal colors and be introduced to the concept of Dynamics.

Unit 3-2 1st Grade

Students will learn how to categorize different words describing sound into categories that they can record into their music journal Common Core Standards -CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.1.1 Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade 1 topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups. Benchmark Goal # 2 Students will be able to describe a musical experience, both verbally and in written form, using over 50% appropriate musical vocabulary and syntax as evidenced by the ability to have class discussions and small group discussions amongst themselves about music they are studying. NYS Arts Standard 3- Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art NYS Arts Standard 1- Creating and Performing in Music

Unit 3-1 3rd and 4th Grade Recorder Class

SWBAT begin analyzing a new piece of music based on their proficiency level as determined by their last test

Unit 3-1 2nd Grade

Students will be able to read and play the rhythm of different instrument parts of the Orff Arrangement "Ring In The New Year". Common Core Standard(s): CC.2.R-F CC.2.SL.6 Benchmark Goal 1

Unit 3-1 4th Grade

Students will reinforce their understanding of facts about rhymic and pitch notation and recorder fingering.

Unit 3-1 5th Grade

Students will read and play the C Pentatonic Scale ascending and descending on Guitar using Tab and Treble staff Notation. Learning Objective 1 and 3 Common Core Standards 5.MD.2, 5.RFS.4

Unit 3-2 Kindergarten

SWBAT watch the video of the show STOMP and use their bodies to identify when the sounds are loud versus when the sounds are quiet.

Unit 3-2 1st Grade

Students will be able to learn the letters of notes on the treble clef by associating the notes with the colors of the boomwhackers that play the corresponding pitch. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE-Students will use a scripted dialogue format with their peers to remember the letter name of the boomwhacker and its position on the treble staff.

Unit 3-2 2nd Grade

Students will write paragraphs accounting their experiences learning how to write on a Music Score and learning about OSTINATOS.

Unit 3-2 3rd Grade

Students will learn their first ROUND on recorder Flute - Big Round BAG CCSS.Math.Content.2.OA.B2 Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies. Benchmark Goal 1-Students will read music notation and be able to sing or play the correct notes. NYS Arts Standard 1 - Performing Music NYS Arts Standard 2 - Using Arts Resources.

Unit 3-2 4th Grade

Students will start their first piece of recorder music - Big Round Bag

Unit 3-2 5th Grade

Students will watch the musical West Side Story and will learn names of the characters and make initial comparisons to Romeo and Juliet.

Unit 3-3 Kindergarten

SWBAT identify different levels of dynamics and tempo they hear in 3 different pieces of music from the Thaikowsky's Nutcracker Suite. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE - SWBAT identify, using complete sentences with proper structure, the tempo and dynamic characteristics of 3 different pieces using correct Tier 3 vocabulary words.

Unit 3-3 1st Grade

Students will be able to create an orchestra chart by putting each instrument that they see on the screen t in the correct section by tonal color. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE-Students will be able to explain using full sentences, why they chose which instrument went into which category.

Unit 3-3 2nd Grade

Students will be able to learn several pitched and unpitched ostinatos for the song MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOL.

Unit 3-3 3rd Grade

Students will play Big Round Bag in round format and will prepare for a quiz on Wednesday.

Unit 3-3 4th Grade

Students will improve their ability to understand fingering and/or note recognition

Unit 3-4 Kindergarten

SWBAT categorize different descriptive words into categories by the element of music it represents (i.e., tempo, dynamics, pitch) and be introduced to Tier III vocabulary words to express concepts they can not name.

Unit 3-4 1st Grade

Students will be able to exhibit understanding of test taking procedures and take a quiz on tonal color and instruments of the orchestra. LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE-Students will be able to ask questions about the content of the test when they are confused or frustrated.

Unit 3-4 2nd Grade

Students will review what a round is and how to sing their first round and then try play the round on pitched percussion instruments. Language Objective-Students will use correct music vocabulary when explaining any of the following - what a round is, how to read the treble staff, or how to read a rhythm.

Unit 3-4 3rd Grade

Students will correctly play BIG ROUND BAG in duets. LANGAUGE OBJECTIVE-Students will be able to write about what they learned in their Self Evaluation Checklist.

Unit 3-4 4th Grade

Students will correctly play the phrases that they analyzed last week in class using correct rhythm, fingering and pitch.

Unit 3-4 5th Grade

Go over the test given last week Students will write as many blues lyrics as possible in the correct blues format.

Unit 3-5 Kindergarten

SWBAT conduct their peers using hand gestures to indicate playing slow vs. fast, loud vs. quiet, and which section should play


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Common Core Standards __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Benchmark Goal __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5th Grade Unit 3 Lesson 3

Objective- Play the blues on the guitar using using correct fingering, rhythm, and pitches LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE-Students will be able to work collaboratively to find topics to make Blues lyrics about.


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