Lesson: Main Idea and Supporting Details.

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to identify the main idea and the supporting details in the story.

Lesson Plan


Students will begin by doing a picture walk through of the story.  Once complete, ask students if they have ever

gone shopping with their parent or grandparent and asked for something.  Allow students time to share their

experience.  This will open up a wonderful opportunity to begin discussing text to self connections.


Before reading, teacher should have already prepared a set of High Frequency Word index cards.  The cards

should have the following words on them:  am, can, get, is, much, said, there, too, yes, bike, book, computer,

cost, free, sorry, store.  Begin playing a "Round Robin" type game.  Allow time for the game to

continue through several different times.  This will ensure that every child has an opportunity to read several

different High Frequency Words.


Have students read alone, while reading, walk by and allow each child to read a part of the story to you.  Once all

children have finished reading ask the following questions.:

1.  What were some things that Derek wanted Grandpa to buy for him?  Computer, bike, a toy,

2.  Were Derek and Grandpa the only people walking outside?  How do you know?  No, because I see other people

in the pictures.

3.  What was Grandpa's answer everytime Derek asked for a present?  _________cost to much.

Once students have read and answered all the questions, ask students "What is this story mostly about?  Derek

wanting thigs.  "Right when you find out what a story is mostly about that is called the main idea of the story." 

"So if Derek wants things, is the main idea, I need you to tell me things found in the story that can help you

prove that to me.  Those things are called the supporting details, can you look through the story and find me

 some supporting details that show me that Derek wanted something?"  While student's are looking for details,

 hand out the Main Idea and Supporting Details worksheet attached.  The Main Idea would go at the base of

the tree, while all the supporting details would be found in the leaves of the tree.



Lesson Resources

Main Idea Activity sheet


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