Lesson: Character Analysis

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Lesson Objective

EL.04.LI.06 Use knowledge of the situation and setting and of a character's traits and motivations to determine the causes for that character's actions.Add objective

Lesson Plan

The Bully (Bluford Series) by Anne Schraff

Character Analysis


Learning Objectives: 

Students will analyze main characters in the story. 



EL.04.LI.06 Use knowledge of the situation and setting and of a character's traits and motivations to determine the causes for that character's actions. 



The Bully by Anne Schraff

Character Analysis Worksheet




Discuss the importance of good characters when an author writes a story.  A good character can make or break a book.  Discuss characters in books the kids have already read in class or on their own.  Have the kids explain orally what made the character in the story who he or she is. 



The main character Darrell Mercer is introduced in the first paragraph of the story.  After the first chapter have the kids use their Post-Its to write down things they know about Darrell from reading the chapter. 


You will soon meet Tyrah Hobbs, Rodney, Darrell’s mom, and Amberlynn.  Continue this pattern throughout the book as you find out more information about each character.  When you finish with the book there should be several Post-Its place throughout the book with important information about the characters. 


Next, have the kids place the Post-Its that include the character information on the Character Analysis Worksheet.  Use one worksheet per main character.  You may want to have the kids choose just one character of their choice to do an analysis on. 


Once they finish, have each child create a character poster on a sheet of construction paper.  They must focus on a character of their choice.  How has the character changed throughout the story?  What type of person is he/she?  What problems did the character face throughout the story?  Make sure they include other important information such as the age, family members, and descriptive adjectives to show what type of person the character is. 



Have the kids turn in their Character Analysis Worksheet so you can make sure they were writing down important information as the story was read.  The main grade will be for the completed poster.  Grade on content and neatness.  Make sure that the character is very detailed.  Each student must then present their orally poster to the class.  Display the posters together and compare/contrast the differences between how each student sees that particular character. 



Lesson Resources

The Bully Character Analysis Worksheet.docx  
The Bully Character Analysis.docx  


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