Lesson: Sequencing and Plant Life Cycle

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to better understand the Life Cycle of a Plant.

Lesson Plan

Students will read the title of the story and do a picture walk through of the story.  Once students have done this, teacher and students will discuss and make inferences on what they think this story may be about.


Using the cover of the book, teacher and students will make a connection and discuss what they would need if they were going to plant a garden.  Students will discuss dirt, seeds, water etc... ask "Why are these things important?"  "What do you think may happen if we didn't have these things?"


Students will begin reading pgs. 2-3.  After reading, ask students what they think the setting of this story is or where do they think this story is taking place.  (Many will say a farm or a garden outside, this is where I have them look at more of the details from this page, we discuss tall buildings and how the garden is gated)  Once we have discussed that this garden has actually been planted in a city, we discuss the importance of the fence, students now begin discussing that it is important because a city has so many people it is important to protect it.


Students now begin reading the story by "popcorning" the story.  (This is where one student begins reading and they may stop whenever and quickly chose another student, this ensures that everyone is focusing and on the right spot.


After each page, students are asked what steps in planting a garden is happening and why that step is important.


Students are asked to infer what may happen if a seed is never watered.  If it does not recieve sunlight or have enough soil.  They are also asked to discuss some of the dangers a seed may have to face as it grows.


Once students have read through the entire story, they are asked to discuss how a plant grows.  What does a plant start out as?   What does that seed become?  How do we use that plant to help our lives?


Once complete, students will fill out a diagram of a plant, labeling the seed, stem, roots, buds and finally the plant or flower.



Lesson Resources

Parts of a plant.doc  


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