Lesson: Friendship and Counting by 2's.

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to better understand the importance of friendship. Students will also review or begin counting by two's.

Lesson Plan

Students will begin the lesson by reading the title and doing a picture walk-through of the story.  Students will then discuss any connections they have made to the story.


At this time students will discuss a time they may have went to a zoo and all of the things they may have seen.


Teacher will then guide a discussion about a Field Trip they may have taken with their school and why it is important to stay with their group.  This will lead into a discussion about safety.


While reading, teacher and students will discuss why it is important to have a buddy while on a Field trip and in life.  We will discuss how it makes people happier and can keep people safe.


Once the story has been read, students will summarize the story by discussing what happened at the beginning, middle and end of the story.


When complete, students are to get out their Math counters, (preferably counting bears or other type of animal counter to follow the zoo theme).


Ask students to give several examples of places they should always go with a buddy.  Have students infer how many people their would be if it was them and a buddy.  Students will answer two.  Each time a student shares have students pull out two more counters, making a line across their space.  Each time a new student shares count the group of buddies by two.  Continue with this lesson as far as you want your students to count. 


As closure, students will begin at two and count all the way until their line is over.  This may be repeated on a daily basis using other examples of things that come in two.


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