Lesson: Teaching Connections using Inferencing and Details.

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to make Text to Life Connections and Inferfences while using details from the story.

Lesson Plan

Students will read the title of the story and look at the front cover. 


Teacher will explain that making inferences means to use what you know to make an educated guess about what they think may happen.


Teacher will then ask students to make an inference on what they think the book may be about.  While students are making inferences ask students "Why do you think that?  Have you ever had the lights go out in your home?"  When students begin discussing begin teaching about Text to Life Connections.  Explain that a Text to Life Connection is when a story reminds them of something that has happened in their own life.


Begin reading pgs. 2-3.  After reading ask students to use more details from the pictures to prove that their is a storm outside.  (Students will give the detail of the lightning from the window. 


Ask "What type of storm do you think this is?  Inference for me how you know that?"  (Students will usually say it is a bad storm they know this because the wind is blowing and the T.V. is out) then say "O.K. how does this connect to your life?"


Before student's turn to pgs. 4-5, teacher will ask "I now want you to make a connection, when you have been in a storm and your lights are out, what are some things your family may do to get light?"  Once everyone has shared their connection, turn and read pgs. 4-5.  Students at this point are usually very excited because their connections were right.


Again, before turning to pgs. 6-7, teacher will ask "What are some things that wouldn't work for you during a storm because the power was out?"  Once these connections have been shared turn and read pgs. 6-7.


To begin closing the lesson ask students "What are some things you and your family have done together because the power is out?" Students at this point really have a good concept of Connections and can share some of the things they have done as a family during a storm.  Once you have discussed finish reading the story.


As a closure, students are to complete a T-chart labeled "My Life" and "Story Life."  They are to write down several examples of how their life is similar to the story.



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