Lesson: Hot and Cold L2

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Lesson Objective

Building oral vocabulary, pre-reading strategies and comprehension skills Develop awareness and safety for hot and cold Review and learn vocabulary Apply new skills in writing

Lesson Plan

1. Open with a discussion on temprature. Hot vs. Cold  What do you know about hot and cold? Ask students to name hot items and cold items. How do they know?  Examples: ice cream, coffee,

2. Identify new words and review high frequency words.
HFW: and, have, we, is   New Words: applesauce, ice cream, corn bread, chicken, milk, rice, salad, cold and hot

3. Ask questions about the title, and pictures before reading the story.
Based on the title, what do you think the story is about?  How do you know?
How can we tell something is hot?

4. Share the book "Hot and Cold" with the students. Stopping to ask questions about what is happening and why? Who are the characters? A family! (In this story they have no names, call him Victor in order to supprt students doing the worksheets) Allow students to identify with the characters and their actions.

5. Help the students relate this story to their own experiences. Inspire them to think. What do you eat that is hot or cold? Does bread need to be hot? Can you eat pizza cold? What other temprature is there? (freezing and warm)

6. Have students complete the activity pages (79-80), in the Kindergarten Teacher's Guide, to check comprehension and master new vocabulary by labeling the pictures.

7. Have students draw and write about their favorite hot food and cold drink.



additional activities:

Make a copy of page 80, label pictures and laminate for flash cards

Have a hot and cold snack at the same time to see if students notice 

Lesson Resources

Hot.Coldwkst.pdf   Activity


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