Lesson: My Body L2

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Lesson Objective

Building oral vocabulary, pre-reading strategies and comprehension skills. Understanding the body Review and learn vocabulary Apply new skills in writing

Lesson Plan

1. Open with a discussion on the body in general. Identify body parts. How do we take care of our bodies? Are all bodies the same? What is different?

2. Identify new words and review high frequency words.
HFW: is, here, my, it, where   New Words: face, arm, foot, hand, leg, body, neck

3. Ask questions about the title, and pictures before reading the story.
Based on the title, what do you think the story is about?  How do you know?
Do we know this character from another story we've read? (Jasmin Draws)

4. Share the book "My Body" with the students. Stopping to ask questions about what is happening and why? Allow students to identify with the characters actions. Identifing those same body parts and what we do with those parts.

5. Help the students bring prior knowledge into the lesson. Ask what other body parts do they know? (belly, fingers, elbow, knees, parts of the face, head,,,)

6. Have students complete the activity pages (65-66), in the Tearcher's Guide to check comprehension and master new vocabulary.

7. Have students draw themselves and label 3 of their body parts.  



Additional activites: Play simon says. Share the song Head, shoulders,,,knees and toes.

Lesson Resources

Body parts.pdf   Activity


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