Lesson: Rounding: 10s - 100,000s

Tara Smith E.l. Haynes Pcs Washington, DC
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Lesson Objective

SWBAT round whole numbers up to the hundred thousands place.

Lesson Plan

Materials Needed: DN Worksheet, white board, dry erase markers, IND Practice Worksheet
Vocabulary: rounding, estimation, actual, rounding off
Do Now (2 - 3 min): On the board the teacher has the following 4 numbers written with different place values underlined. The teacher hands out the half worksheet and asks the students to record the actual number, round to the underlined place value, and identify the place value of the underlined digit.
1. 618, 392
2. 210, 902
3. 40,813
4. 287, 954
Opening (2 -3 min): Teacher quickly reviews answers to the Do Now and then says, “Yesterday we practiced using estimation to find the difference in a subtraction problem. Today, we are going to review all of the knowledge we have about rounding numbers to the hundred thousands place. This means that you should know how to round from the tens to the hundred thousands place. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to round any whole number up to the hundred thousands place.”
Direct Instruction (10 min): Teacher begins “Ok! Lets make a like of all the things we learned about rounding. When to, when not to, why it is useful and other things that we now know about rounding!” Teacher writes KWL on the board or has prepared on a chart, and completes the L portion of the chart with student input. [ Answer will vary].
We know …
- to round up when the number is over 5
- to round down when the number is 4 or under
- that rounding can help us estimate answers
Teacher says, “Ok! Today we are going to get into teams and have a friendly competition between our teams before we begin our game let’s review rounding to each place. First let’s look at this number and review each place before we start rounding. We know that to be successful at rounding we must be able to located and then round each place.” Teacher writes the following number on the board and asks students to identify from ones to hundred thousands place.
Then review rounding the number on the board to the tens, to the hundreds, to the thousands, to the ten thousands, and finally to the hundred thousands. 
10s = 887,150
100s – 887,200
1000s = 887,000
10,000s= 890,000
100,000s =900,000
Guided Practice (10-12 min): The teacher continues, “Ok, so now it is your turn to show off your skills. We are going to break into 4 groups.” Teacher can pick procedure to break into groups. For example, counting off by 4s or using pre-determined math groups.  The teacher then writes the following numbers and multiple choice answers on the board, or they can have it as a chart. The teacher continues, “We are going to have a friendly game to show off our rounding skills. Each team member should be involved in picking the answer, remember active participation. To show me that your team has their answer ready raise a silent hand. There should be talking between your team members before you show me the silent hand. When I tell you to reveal your answers you will show me one finger for answer A, two fingers for answer B, three fingers for answer 3, and 4 fingers for answer D. Ready lets practice one.”
1) 427, 345 [round to thousands; answer is C]
A. 420,000
B. 427,000
C. 427,300
D. 400,000
2) 54,093 [round to hundreds; answer is B]
A. 54,000
B. 54,100
C. 50,000
D. 50,090
3) 719,874 [round to ten thousands; answer is B]
A. 710,000
B. 720,000
C. 700,000
D. 719,900
4) 37,849 [round to tens; answer is D]
A. 37,840
B. 37,000
C. 38,000
D. 37,850
5) 876,152 [round to hundred thousands; answer is B]
A. 800,000
B. 900,000
C. 900,100
D. 900,200
6) 439,281 [round to hundred thousands; answer is C]
A. 430,000
B. 440,000
C. 400,000
D. 500,000
Independent (10 min): The teacher hands out the IND worksheet. Students are asked to complete the worksheet independently and turn it in. 
Closing (2-3 min): Teacher calls the attention of the students back toward the front of the class to quickly review the answers to the Independent Practice worksheet/ ask what we learned about.

Lesson Resources

IND lesson 10 rounding   Classwork
DN lesson 10 rounding   Starter / Do Now


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