Lesson: Numerical and Algebraic Expressions

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Lesson Objective

Students will represent relationships by using one operational symbol and one unknown in order to change a phrase into a numerical or algebraic expression.

Lesson Plan

Engagement (Warm- Up) 8 min.:
Quick write Activity:
Operations and Numerical Expressions WKST
Make a list of all the words that come mind when you see an addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division symbol.

During a Quick Write activity, students have approximately 2 minutes (should be timed) to write and much as they can to answer the task assigned. Each word should be timed separately.

After all of the words have been done, allow four students to share their answers (one different word/ student).

These words will serve as a class list of important terms for understanding expressions.

Exploration (Self- Guided) 10 min.:
Numerical Expressions:
What are they and what do they look like?
Teacher should ask the students to write a number sentence for "three plus four". ( 3+4)

Teacher should ask a student to share their answer.
Then, poll the class to determine how many people know how to interpret a phrase and convert it to numbers and symbols.

A Numerical Expression is an expression that consists of numbers and one or more operations.

Teacher will place several phrases in a paper bag and ask for volunteers to pull a card. The students will read the expression out loud and write the numerical expression on the board.

Teacher will ask students if the answer is correct by a show of hands.

Example: Three more than four-- 4+3
Example: Four times as many as 7-- 4 X 7
Example: 100 less than 200---200 -- 100
Example: 28 divided into 4 equal groups -- 28 / 4

Algebraic Expressions: (Notes)
Similar to a Numerical Expression, except an unknown is used (Letter or variable)

Example: an amount plus 4-- n +4
Example: three less than b-- b- 3
Example: 10 times as many as k-- 10Xk

Teacher will inform students that the same process is applied when creating an algebraic expression.

Explanation (Instructional) 20 min.:
Teacher can also inform the students that the skill of creating numerical  and algebraic epxressions becomes very helpful when reading and inderstanding word problems.

Teacher will refer back to the list of words that was created and determine if any words need to be added so that the students will have a complete list.

Teacher will show students a word problem on the board and ask the students to write a numerical expression for this problem.

Ex.: Marc has a dozen cookies. He wants to share them with this 5 friends, including himself. If everyone gets an equal amount, how many will each person get?

Steps to writing Numerical Expressions (Notes)
1. Read
2. Determine the important parts in the problem.
3. Decide on the operation that is needed.
4. Create the expression.

Teacher will go through each step with the students to model the thinking process of how to analyze problems and create numerical expressions.
-Read the problem again
- Ask the students what do they think is important?
(dozen = 12, sharing equally, 6 people)
- Based on the question, what is the operation that we are going to use? (Division)
- How many do we have to share? (12)
- How many people are we sharing with? (6)
- So the Numerical Expression is 12/ 6.

Elaboration (Independent) 15 min.:
Students will be given a set of word problems that need to be converted into Numerical  or Algebraic Expressions.

Numerical and Algebraic Expressions Wkst. 2-1

Teacher can assign all the even problems to one side of the room and odd problems to the other side.

After about 10 minutes, students can volunteer to present their answers.

Evaluation (Closing) 10 min.:
Homework: Numerical and Algebraic Expression 2-2

Lesson Resources

Operations and Numerical Expressions warm up   Starter / Do Now
Numerical and Algebraic Expressions 2 1   Classwork
Numerical and Algebraic Expressions 2 2   Homework


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